About Cotton Cravings

Tempt your WILD side with heavenly puffs. Blow your mind with outrageous flavors. Indulge your taste buds with a guilt free treat.

Created by a pediatrician for an all natural experience. Her secret recipe will leave you craving more!

Our Mission

At Cotton Cravings™, our mission is simple…to make the most amazing tasting treats the world has ever known, using only the choicest All-Natural ingredients, and by practicing (it makes perfect) socially and environmentally responsible principles.

So go ahead and treat yourself (maybe even save some for the kids).

Cotton Cravings: A New Spin On A Confectionery Classic

Our Core Values

Our team is guided by the following values:

Fun: We work hard, we play hard… we take genuine pride in knowing our confections are a source of joy and happiness to everyone who tastes them. Delivering smiles is something we take very seriously.

Simplicity: Organic sugar, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors. Period. There is NOTHING in our cotton candy that you cannot pronounce. More importantly, there is NOTHING in our cotton candy that we would not feed our own children.

Transparency:  With Cotton Cravings, what you see is what you get. We are committed to supporting the communities where we work and live. We take great pride in promoting programs which support social growth and the protection of the land which nourishes us. Our economic development and profitability are achieved with integrity and while practicing environmental sustainability.