Where Can I Buy a Cotton Candy Machine Like That?

We love hearing from you. Whether we are spinning up our unique flavored cotton candy at one of the many events our crews have the pleasure of serving, or serving guests at one of our shopping mall Crave Stations..


cotton candy machineSeems like anytime someone tries COTTON CRAVINGS for the first time, everyone has a question. “What makes you organic?”, “This has only how many calories?”, “How the heck do you make Cotton Candy that tastes like French Toast?…

There is one question that continues to pop up more and more which has taken us a bit by surprise, “Where can I get a cotton candy machine like that?”

 The COTTON CRAVINGS Brand On Demand Cotton Candy Machine is the same machine our company uses at our locations in shopping malls, high end events, and parties. Each machine is quality tested by our Atlanta, GA-based team and guaranteed to be dependable. We’ve gotten so many requests from our wholesale clients who love selling our exclusive COTTON CRAVINGS’ Brand Organic Cotton Candy mix that we now offer the same machines we use to help drive our client’s business.

2014-07-01 10.46.29Whether you are looking to grow your business, looking for a trustworthy cotton candy machine for your non-profit, school, or church group, or simply looking for something fun for the family–Why trust anyone else? Our team also offers customer support–with real human beings who answer the phone and return calls!

 Cotton Candy Machine Features

  •  Digital voltage display. Accurate and easy to read.
  •  Patented spinning head with grid, reduces clogs and blockage
  •  Non ribbon belt design. Never worry about the ribbon snapping while you are in the middle of producing again!
  •  Extremely fast! Produces flavors back to back within seconds without having to clean out machine.
  •  Attractive stainless steel design. Easy to clean.
  •  Safe and easy to use 
  •  Perfect for use with our COTTON CRAVINGS’ Brand All Natural Cotton Candy Flavors 

We’d love to get you started making your own amazing cotton candy!